7 reasons to choose Maya’s Professional for goose down

The inherent comfort derived from the natural structure of goose down, coupled with the innovative potential of technology, serves as the foundation for creating comfortable, healthy, and eco-friendly products. This article encapsulates the reasons why Maya’s Professional, the pioneering manufacturer of goose down pillows and duvets in Turkey, stands as the preferred choice for such exquisite offerings.

1. Unleashing 30+ Years of Expertise and Cutting-Edge Production Techniques

Exporting to more than 50 countries, Maya’s Professional is an organization that has established strong ties with its deep-rooted work in the field of goose down. As the first company to introduce goose down filling material to Turkey, we have always fed our experience, which started with sleep products, with a newer, more productive and world-class perspective. We have grown by adding innovative technologies that are solution partners for different sectors to our business processes by observing the principle of continuous development.

2. Driving Sustainable Practices: From Production Facility to Raw Material Harmony

We owe a lot to our world. Producing and bringing health and comfort to human life is one of our biggest goals. On the other hand, we realize a production that respects the dynamics of our planet in many areas such as water consumption and raw material transformation. Our 52 thousand square meter production facility, which is gathered under a single roof, produces in international standards with the principle of respect for the environment and has EDFA, GRS, RCS, RDS certificates that follow all the standards in their fields.

3. Tailored solutions for different industries

We are present in all areas of down-filled production with our fast, high quality and safe business processes. Maya’s Professional offers our quilt, pillow, pad and mattress collections under our own brand, and we are in cooperation with many sectors with our expertise in goose down processing and our special services for tourism and accommodation, furniture and fashion sectors. We are also working to empower your product diversity by offering our production line to your service with special productions for the needs of brands in the private label products segment.

Case study: In the hospitality sector, we are your solution partner with special designs for businesses with sleeping sets of different weights and densities ranging from light to ultra-hot with filling power options to suit the ideal and constant room temperature.

4. Production that regards animal welfare

The ethical approach to the animals from which goose down is sourced is one of the most critical aspects of production. The goose down raw materials in Maya’s Professional are produced according to ethical sourcing and this approach is guaranteed under standards monitored by RDS, GRS and Down Pass certifications. The RDS and Down Pass certifications covering animal welfare monitor the fulfillment of specific principles. There are two primary requirements for these certificates. The first is that the feathers are not obtained from live animals, and the other is that the animals are documented to have been raised in welfare conditions. Feathers from geese raised for the food industry are supplied to the filler industry as a by-product.

5. Production according to N12934 standards

As the only member of the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) in Turkey, we offer our customers the highest quality product groups in goose down with our product production in accordance with EN12934 standards. To fulfill the points to be considered when choosing goose down products, we follow all the standards regulating sampling, testing, labeling, and content information set by the relevant institutions of the European Union. We work with a sense of social responsibility and respect for animal rights within the framework of EDFA regulations.

6. Reliable products against dust and mites with the NOMITE label

Maya’s Professional’s NOMITE certified products are suitable for use by consumers with dust allergies and sensitivities. Products with this label are not a suitable habitat for house dust mites, which need high humidity to survive. NOMITE labeled products use high-quality down-proof fabrics and down and goose down filling materials that comply with quality standards. Tested products undergo the necessary controls during production and cleaning processes. EDFA’s trademark NOMITE indicates that the products have hygienic properties.

7. Maya’s Professional: Transparency Guaranteed – Know Exactly What You’re Getting

Knowing the product you are purchasing holds significant importance. You can find out the feather type and purity level of the product through the standards for labeling goose down products. For instance, the EN 12934 standard, which is determined according to the ratio of tickle feathers in the feather and the cleanliness of the feather, guarantees the product you buy. With the fill power, you can choose the fluffiness and insulation power of the feather in different degrees. All the goose down we use at Maya’s Professional pass these tests and enter the production line.