Areas of usage for goose down

Although we most commonly hear of goose down filling for pillows and duvets, it is also a great material for outdoor clothing, sleeping bags, and coats to maintain body temperature, especially in winter. Known for its soft, lightweight, and warming properties, goose down is also durable and environmentally friendly. 

Goose feathers, which are classified as filling material from animal and natural class, consist of two parts among themselves. The first of these is the thermo-powered tickle feather, which comes out of the goose’s breast and neck area, weighing approximately 10 to 12 grams. In addition to its soft and light structure, this part, which is obtained less in volume, is a valuable and more expensive filling material. It is known to retain heat more than any other filling material.

The back feather, which is taken from the back of geese and is usually mixed with tick feather in a certain proportion, prevents the very soft tickle feather from being crushed with its structure that provides flexibility and volume to the products. It is cheaper because it is obtained more than tickle feathers.

Goose feathers are preferred filling materials due to their durability, light and flexible structure, washability, hygienic properties that do not sweat, balancing body temperature, and allowing the body to breathe thanks to their hygroscopic properties. Now let’s see in which areas they are used.

  1. Bedding and Pillows

Because it is soft, warm, and light, goose down is widely used in luxury bedding and pillows.

  1. Outerwear

High-quality outerwear brands commonly incorporate goose down as a filling material in their jackets and coats, as it delivers exceptional warmth and insulation.

  1. Sleeping bags

Designed for cold weather camping, goose down filled sleeping bags are a popular choice for their excellent warmth and insulating power.

  1. Home furnishings

Home decor items like throws and decorative pillows are often filled with goose down due to their lightness and softness.

  1. Furniture

Goose down is a preferred filling material in furniture cushions and seating areas with its durability and odor-free hygienic structure.

  1. Toys

When it comes to stuffed toys, goose down filling is a popular choice due to its lightweight, plush structure, as well as its hypoallergenic properties that keep dust mites at bay.

  1. Shoes and boots

Goose down filling is used by high-end shoe brands in their products, particularly in winter boots, to offer warmth and insulation.

The trend towards ethical consumption, which has gained momentum in recent years, has increased the demand for environmentally friendly and cruelty-free products. Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certified goose down products, which aim to ensure that goose down is sourced from humane and sustainable sources, respond to consumer sensitivities in this sense. Being a member of the RDS creates process management in line with Maya’s Professional’s sustainability principles.

The global market size for goose down is expected to increase at a CAGR of 4.6% from 2021 to 2028, according to a report by Grand View Research. The mattress and insulation segments are expected to hold the largest market share in the coming years.

One expectation is that goose down-filled products will continue to be used in the luxury segment due to their insulation, lightness, durability, softness, comfort, and sustainability. As a result, more types of products with goose down filling are expected to enter the market and expand their usage areas.

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We started our journey with the production of goose down pillows and quilts and became the first address in Turkey to produce natural and healthy sleep products. In 2007, we launched Mayoca, the only goose down processing facility in Turkey and one of a limited number in the world, which meets European standards.

The feathers purchased in raw form from goose farms abroad are processed, carefully cleaned, and separated by expert teams at the Mayoca Goose Feather Processing Facility.