Key points for cleaning sleep products

Housekeeping units responsible for cleaning and maintenance in the hospitality industry have an important role in ensuring quality of service. In this article, we compiled recommendations on how to care for your beloved natural-fill pillows.

For housekeeping function, where even the smallest stain needs to be treated and hygiene standards are maintained at the highest level, keeping sleep products clean whilst keeping an eye on their lifetime is critical for both sustainability and cost efficiency of the business.

During routine bed checks, the mattress and pillows are inspected for any damage or excessive wear. In case of a problem or if deep cleaning is needed, shift manager is notified and relevant products are taken down to the laundry room for further treatment.

For deep cleaning, it is recommended to wash pillow and mattress protectors once or twice a month. Pillows, on the other hand, should be washed every six months.

The fact that almost all pillows, duvets and mattress protectors in Maya’s Professional product segment are suitable for industrial washing is a great advantage in terms of in-depth cleaning.

Pillow and mattress protectors and pads help extend the life of sleep products such as mattresses and pillows. Pillow protectors are easy to remove and they prevent dirt and moisture from penetrating the pillow.

Pillow-specific cleaning recommendations

Pillow menus, a must-have for the hospitality industry, are developed in a way to offer a wide range of choices that cater to the needs of individual guests. In addition to its upscale collection preferred by many premium establishments, Maya’s Professional also caters to the needs of individual customers with 600 tailor-made products. With the capability of processing more than 20 different filling materials individually or together, we come up with special solutions for your business, including logoed products and pillow menus. Our team of experts offers you washing and care recommendations to extend the life of your products.

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One of the most popular product groups in pillow menus is natural pillows. Pillows filled with bamboo, cotton, or wool should be cleaned in line with specific washing recommendations.

While recommended care for bamboo products is dry cleaning, they can also be machine washed at 30˚C in the regular wash cycle. After washing, they should be machine dried thoroughly. They should not be ironed or bleached.
Cotton-filled products should not be washed using water. They can be dry cleaned at temperatures not exceeding 30˚C. Bleaching or ironing is not recommended for this product group.

The best way to go for wool-filled products is dry cleaning. However, they can also be machine washed at 30˚C in the delicate wash cycle. After washing, they should be machine dried at a temperature below 60˚C. They should not be ironed or bleached.
Down products, which are highly popular among upper segment hospitality businesses, can be machine washed in a regular wash cycle at a temperature not higher than 30˚C. They can be machine dried at a low temperature for a longer cycle. It is important that they do not remain wet and are fully dried.

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