Coat filling at premium standards

We are at your service in the filling of coats and sleeping bags with our goose down expertise and services for different filling materials.

At Maya’s Professional, we specialize not only in the sleep products segment but also in outerwear and continue to enhance our long-term collaborations with prominent brands. While maintaining our leadership in this field with our experience in sleeping and home textile products with different filling materials under one roof since 1993, our work continues growing with our tailor-made solutions for brands in the clothing industry.

We derive strength from our 800 tons of feather processing capacity and our professional production staff and produce for leading names in the clothing sector in Turkey and the world. In this article, you’ll discover how we support brands in the field of coat filling, with steps such as processing, cleaning, and sorting of goose down sourced from Europe in raw form by our expert teams.

Products supplied at your pleasure, production design according to your needs

As an expert name in many different filling materials such as goose down and microgel fiber, we offer a wide range of services in the filling of coats and sleeping bags to our customers, who offer products that make a difference with their softness and grip. With our superior production competence, we can recommend different filling systems according to the finished product and the filling material specifications.

We offer customer and product-specific solutions at once, in the shortest time and at optimal cost. , Our sales and production teams work in harmony to deliver a special service in line with your needs without a minimum order quantity.

Additionally, we make goose down, microgel fiber or a mixture of these two filling materials ready for filling and offer them for sale in package form depending on the customer needs.

We work with goose down with different properties suitable for your expectations (jowl down, back down, grey down),  microgel filling which is not a recycled fiber but is frequently preferred in outerwear fillings as first use fiber, and goose down and microgel mixture that we mix in ideal proportions through machine-assisted production.

Professional process management with production in accordance with gold standards

We provide goose down with the colors and proportions that our customers want, in accordance with their demands. Desired colors and ratios cover many segments from pure white to slightly yellowish, white or gray to 0.5% black point.

While ensuring compliance with international regulations such as the desired jowl down ratio and test standards (EN90, JIS100, USA95 etc.), we produce in accordance with the class you want be it Class I or Class II. In this context, we also apply goose/duck down mixtures in accordance with the orders of our customers.

We conform to the documents such as RDS, Downpass, Traumpass, TDS that might be requested by the brands. Again, we provide service with the desired physical parameters and test standards (such as turbidity – mix up according to EN1164, oxygen index number according to EN1162).

On the filling power side, we are at your service with production in accordance with the desired value and type (IDFB, EN, JIS or USA).