Coat filling process with all the stages

We have compiled the basic steps of the goose down jacket filling service from order to shipment in this article.

Maya’s Professional serves many prominent fashion brands in the field of goose down filling products. Goose down filled garments offer excellent insulating power while keeping the volume of the garments light and providing excellent warmth. This is why they are the choice of many consumers for fall and winter collections.

Goose down filled clothing products, which keep warm even in the coldest weather conditions, provide ease of transportation with their lightweight structure. For this reason, it is especially preferred for traveling and outdoor activities. These products, which defy the years with their durable, flexible, and breathable structure, help regulate body temperature by allowing air to circulate inside the garment. Coats are the most preferred products among goose down clothing products, which are preferred for being an environmentally friendly material as well as being comfortable. In this article, we have brought together step by step the services we provide within the scope of goose down coat filling.

The correct math for a flawless product

The first step in goose down jacket filling is the preparation phase for the filling graphic. In this step, sample linings received from our customers are prepared by our filling experts according to the filling rate specified by our filling experts.

According to the demand of our customers, we fill the lined coat parts provided by our customers with our coat filling machine or by hand filling technique.

The filled part of coat parts that we fill are sewn by our sewing masters.

After sewing, the remaining feathers on one side are evenly pounded and spread over the areas by the pressure of the filling.

Order process at Maya’s Professional

  • Sample approval

The specimens are filled with the desired filling material at the specified filling ratio. It is delivered to customers as soon as possible. We have a special working principle for each product. We have a sample approval process during the quotation period.

  • Order

After the sample approval, we can take the order into production as many times as our customers wish without a minimum order quantity.

  • Production

Production is started on the samples approved after the order. Our deadlines meet customer expectations. Orders are prepared on the day and with care.

  • Delivery

Shipments are made through cargo or warehouse companies. Our shipment is available to all provinces of Turkey. Products are delivered between 1-3 business days depending on the distance.