Focus: An introduction to the world of down

From furniture to textiles, premium-class down and feathers are the number one choice for filling materials of many industries. Down and feather of birds, geese, and ducks are the most common ones. The fact that we use the term “like a feather” to refer to softness and comfort indicates how feather has been identified with comfort for a very long time. Thanks to advancements in technology, this material is now much more comfortable and healthier and has more to offer in terms of use.

As Turkey’s first goose-down pillow and duvet producer and the only Turkish corporate member of the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA), we are introducing a series of articles to respond to the most frequently asked questions posed to us. Follow this series for all you want to know about a variety of topics from down processing to animal rights-responsive production.

The first article of the series starts with a deep dive on down and feather.

What is down and feather?

In a general sense, they are the plumage covering the body of waterfowl. There are two types of feathers that are in industrial use, namely from goose and duck.

And here, there are also two types. Feather and down.

What is feather?

• It is the external shield of protection for waterfowl.

• It allows for gliding in water and flying.

• It can be distinguished by the hard shaft in the middle.

Maya’s Professional uses feathers that allow waterfowl to glide in the water, while it does not use wing feathers that enable flying.

What is down?

• It is the internal shield of protection for waterfowl.

• It protects the animal from extreme temperatures of the air and the water.

• To give an example, the bar-headed geese fly at 8800 meters and live at -44 degrees Celsius while the geese in Siberia can be exposed to temperatures lower than -50 degrees Celsius.

How are down and feather obtained?

• Goose down and feather are by-products. No animal is reared for its down or feather.

• The only exception here is the moulting periods.

• Goose down and feather are supplied from slaughterhouses ready to be washed or from companies that recycle down-filled products.

Maya’s Professional procures down and feather from:

• France

• Bulgaria

• Hungary

• Italy

• Poland

• Spain

• Germany

• Romania

High quality goose down and feather

Goose down, known for its softness and high thermal properties, is considered all around the world to be an ideal choice, particularly as a filling material for bedding. Flexible, breathable, and highly durable goose down offers high filling strength as a material. Since it does not trap sweat, it is particularly well in absorbing moisture in pillows, helping you stay dry throughout the night.

At Maya’s Professional, we are ready to share with you all that is offered by goose down during production, guided by our expert staff in the field. We offer different filling options to fit the ideal room temperatures maintained in the hospitality industry, sleeping sets in a wide range of weights and densities, and business-specific designs.