Guide to private label products

With our innovative technologies and nearly 30 years of experience, we offer brand-specific solutions with our expert sales consultants while creating your brand-specific pillow, quilt, sleeping pad, pillow, and mattress topper portfolio. Gizem Yılmaz, Maya’s Professional Sales Manager, answers all these questions for you.

Be ready to unlock the synergy of collaborative excellence. One of Maya’s Professional’s fields of activity is to collaborate with powerful names from different sectors to produce special goods for brands. With our steadfast dedication to unrivaled excellence, we offer premier, licensed products that elevate the stature of renowned establishments within the dynamic realm of the hospitality industry. Our visionary brand initiatives empower these iconic names to soar to new heights of distinction.

We proudly collaborate with numerous prominent players in the hospitality industry, offering our expertise as trusted solution partners. Curious about the sector’s most sought-after products?

During their hotel stay, guests dedicate a significant portion of their time to sleep. Hence, ensuring optimal comfort in beds becomes a vital factor in satisfying their needs. To deliver exceptional comfort, hotels must consider providing a range of pillow options and lightweight, climate-appropriate quilts. Additionally, augmenting the existing comfort of a cozy bed with an extra mattress or mattress pad can significantly enhance overall guest satisfaction.

Since the starting point of comfort in hotels is pillows, the most preferred products are the pillows that we can provide many alternatives.

How long does it take to develop a new recipe based on specific demand?

At Maya’s Professional, we collaborate with industry experts who excel in their respective fields. Our unparalleled agility in product development and manufacturing enables us to swiftly create tailored solutions that align with market demands. Leveraging our cutting-edge production capabilities, we efficiently bring these products to life within remarkably short timeframes.

In a nutshell, let’s break down the fundamental stages of the product development process. How does the journey unfold?

First, we determine how the hotel segment should be positioned, and what kind of service and comfort is desired to be provided through mutual meetings. After completing this process, we determine the products suitable for the demand and continue our negotiations.

While our expertise in the industry primarily centers around goose down filling, we take pride in our diverse range of offerings. From fiber and cotton to bamboo and wool, we possess the capability to produce various filling materials, ensuring a wide array of product options. Once we identify the ideal solution to fulfill hotels’ comfort requirements, our goal is to provide them with sample works, allowing them to experience and fully appreciate the quality firsthand, thus ensuring utmost satisfaction.

What are the most common questions you receive from customers?

The most frequently asked topic is about goose down products. We get questions about how to wash it, how long its lifespan is, and of course where so much feather is obtained.

While we are on the subject, let’s give answers to common questions, right ????

Maya Tekstil is the only EDFA (European Down and Feather Association) member in Turkey and a member of EDFA Board of Directors. Within the framework of EDFA’s principles, animals are not farmed for their feathers: they are reared for the food industry and goose down are essentially by-products. In addition, we show that the products have hygienic properties with the ‘NOMITE’ label, which is the trademark of EDFA.

We highly advise against washing feather-filled products at temperatures exceeding 30 degrees Celsius, and it’s crucial to dry them in a dryer following washing. As a natural and animal-based filling material, exposing it to high temperatures can cause structural deterioration, while prolonged moisture activates the fat layer within. However, there’s no need to worry. Simply transfer the product from one machine to another, ensuring proper care and maintenance. ????

Among the various filling materials we utilize, goose down-filled products stand out as the most durable. Within hotel environments, where products undergo more frequent washing and usage compared to home settings, these products can still provide reliable service for 5 to 7 years when properly cared for. In fact, some customers have successfully extended this lifespan even further by enhancing product protection through the use of overlays.

In the case of fiber-filled products, the lifespan can extend between 3 to 5 years. Naturally, the conditions in which they are washed and used play a significant role. However, the use of virgin (first-use) fiber in our products ensures a lifespan that surpasses the average. Furthermore, the addition of protective alezes can potentially further prolong this period of use.

Maya’s Professional stands as a trailblazing force that sets global benchmarks, particularly in the realm of goose down. Which products witness the highest demand for goose down filling materials? Furthermore, what are the key concerns for customers when it comes to goose down production, and how does Maya’s Professional effectively address them?

Goose down is the most natural, healthy, long-lasting, and lightweight filling material that can be used in sleeping products. Thanks to its hygroscopic feature, it absorbs excess moisture and releases it back when not in use. This provides heat and moisture balance during sleep. Thanks to this feature, pillows, quilts, and mattress pads are among the most preferred products.

Our customers are very sensitive about the odor and the presence of animal residues such as skin in goose down since it is a natural and animal filler. We can eliminate these problems with the powerful filling washing process in our production.

As Maya’s Professional, we are the only company in Turkey and one of the few companies in Europe that can wash goose down filling in-house. In our 6-stage washing process (pre-dusting, washing, drying, cooling, second dusting, separation), the feather is washed with a special goose down shampoo and dusted twice. Without any odor problem, we certify that there are no dust mites in our products and share them with our customers.

Are there any other favored alternatives for raw materials? Can we accommodate requests for customized blends and explore new avenues for raw material sourcing?

Apart from goose down, we have fiber, bead fiber, microgel fiber, cotton, bamboo, wool, and licensed fibers that can be washed at 95 degrees and 60 degrees. In case of demand outside of these, we can provide new filling materials by conducting R&D studies. Since we can use different raw materials with our advanced machine park, our product production is also possible.

In which areas can customers be helped to achieve cost advantages?

First, the fact that we are a manufacturer provides a cost advantage for the customer in itself???? The wide range of our product range enables us to develop products from every segment.

Our last question is about sustainability, the most decisive keyword of recent years. What are our efforts in the name of sustainability?

I don’t need to emphasize the importance of recycling for our world and our lives. As Maya’s Professional, I think we have done a good job by working hard on this issue. First, we recycled feather-filled products and made them reusable without losing their properties. We crowned our efforts by certifying them with the GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certificate.

In addition, we added the GREEN LINE collection to our Maya’s Professional collection and produced products with regenerated feather and fiber fillings obtained from recycling. Studies and improvements in this field will continue unabated.