Premium quality, confidence, and high performance
for your goose down collections

Fall and winter fashion with goose down 

Products made of goose down, which are a must for fall and winter fashion, are a customer favorite thanks to being comfortable and lightweight and offering temperature balancing. With our expertise in goose down, world-class production facility, and professional staff, we meet the needs of the fashion industry, from consulting to production.

Thanks to our goose-down washing facility, state-of-the-art production park, and innovative culture, we produce the desired quantity of products with an agile operation.

Goose down production since 2007

  • As Turkey’s leading goose down pillow and duvet producer, we continue to be a European-standard goose down processing facility and are the only one in Turkey and among a prominent few in the world.
  • Goose down washing, drying, and sorting processes are performed up to high standards under the same roof in our 52,000 m2
  • Raw goose down and feather from Europe are processed by expert teams and made ready for use.
  • To meet the growing need for high-quality first-class down, we invested in machinery and raised our annual down washing and sorting capacity to global standards.

Coats, shoes, bags and more… 

  • Our washing capacity is 800 tons per year to provide our customers with first-class goose down.
  • Down and feather are by-products imported from European countries, where geese are raised for meat in farms. Animals are not farmed for down and feathers.
  • Using special machinery, we fill coats, shoes, and bags in our state-of-the-art production line.
  • Products are prepared in full compliance with specs and delivered to customers following quality assurance processes.
  • The need for durability and premium-quality guide our design and production throughout.

We conform to the European Union standards in down production.

Maya Tekstil is the only Turkish member of the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) and the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) and serves as an esteemed board member for both.