Comfort and quality to your furniture,
speed and cost advantage in your production

Large production volume and expertise in goose down

We support the furniture industry with our large production volume and our expertise in goose down. Our production skills, particularly in seat cushion filling, mean that we can produce made-to-measure back and seat cushions and inners for any type of chair and couch.

As a fast and high-quality solution partner, we collaborate with the furniture industry and operate a no-minimum order limit.

We are here to support you in the supply of filling materials for your products. We supply filling materials such as goose down, ball fiber, and foam bead for inner cushions separately or as a blend, in line with your needs.

Daily capacity of preparing 3600 kg filling materials

  • Our 52,000 m2 factory allows us to process all filling materials without any limitations.
  • We respond to the need for first-class goose down in home textile with an annual capacity of washing 800 tons of goose down, imported in raw condition from Europe, and process by using cutting edge technology.
  • In addition to the all-time popular goose down, we also supply 7 deniers 32 mm HCS ball fiber and high-density foam bead.
  • Based on your needs, we can perform filling and/or material supply using individual materials or mixing them as blends.
  • We support the supply of a diverse range of products available in the furniture industry with a wide array of services offering ready-made wadding, latex, and viscoelastic materials.

World-class quality in furniture filling material

  • The products are mixed in certain ratios using blending and mixing machines specially designed for goose down, ball fiber, and foam bead mixtures.
  • With detailed and precise programming, dosing and mixing are performed automatically, getting the mixture ready for filling with no room for mistakes.
  • Thanks to this closed and automated system, mixture is obtained in exact conformity to the specs provided.

Expertise and variety to find the right fabric

  • We bring together variety and durability with professionalism to support you in choosing and supplying the best fabric to suit the type of production.
  • For seat cushion covers, we use down-proof, high-strength, cotton-polyester blend fabrics.
  • For cushion inners, we offer a variety of fabrics for you to choose from in line with your production needs.
  • We use a lining sewn with a special, Italian-standard fabric that passed all friction and strength tests.

Fully automated filling system, complete control

  • The filling is performed by fully automated units using programmable weighing mechanisms.
  • The filling speed, adjusted according to the type of cushion, ensures even filling throughout.
  • The weighing time is calibrated according to the material type to ensure that the cushions are filled with a high level of accuracy.
  • Our filling processes have an error margin of only 2% in our fully automated and closed system. Once complete, all products go through quality control and are weighed again.

Types of cushion

  • Thanks to our capability to custom-tailor, we can meet customer demands for specific sizes, filling materials, and shapes.
  • Made-to-measure cushion covers can be produced in a boxed-edge or knife-edge style.
  • Tufted or non-tufted mid-back cushions are filled in sections.
  • We are equipped to meet different needs with our production line. We have a filling capacity for seat cushions with a filled upper part and foam pad bottom as well as sandwich-type seat cushions with filling at the top and bottom and foam in the middle.
  • We can produce made-to-measure cushions in different styles using different sewing methods.