Tailor-made for your brand, your quality guarantee
and our quality assurance combined

Producing power 

Our experience of nearly 30 years and our state-of-the-art factory of 52.000 m2, with a capacity to process different filling materials simultaneously, provides the opportunity to prepare and deliver products under one roof.

Product range

Create your own brand-specific portfolio of pillows, duvets, mattress toppers, and mattress protectors, make use of our sales staff’s expertise, and personally decide the makeup of your products and raw materials.

Use natural, synthetic and licensed filling materials, on their own or with other materials to achieve the healthiest and most durable mixtures.

Let us offer domestic and international fabric options for our lines of product and help you pick the best one suited to your needs.



Innovative technologies 

The value added by the advancing textile technology to sleeping products comes to life in our facility. Our aim is to design a wide range of products so that you can offer a more comfortable experience to your customers.


Team of professionals 

Our expert staff develop solutions that are right for you. From product design to the presentation that meets the end consumer, we are the one-stop shop for service and high- quality production.