Advanced technology at every step,
from production to fabric

Innovation and advanced technology

Sleep is an integral part of individuals’ quest for health and comfort. With the advancing textile technology, sleeping products can offer a wide variety that can meet these expectations. Drawing strength from the industry’s innovative culture and our own corporate culture, we are proud to offer products that make a difference in each and every field, from weaving to ergonomics, thanks to our robust facility and expert staff.


In the light of the feedback received, professional business development teams are coming up with new products. Our state-of-the-art, 52.000m2 factory serves as an R&D and innovation center for every product and material, from filling material washing units and fabric technologies to production lines and our infamous designs.

Comfortable temperature all night long with heat management technology

Pillows and duvets using Outlast® Thermocules®, which are used by NASA in spacesuits for temperature moderation, reduce and balance fluctuations in temperature.

The right pillow support using Visco technology

It takes the form of the head and neck, reducing involuntary movement during sleep and improving sleep quality. It helps to reduce pain by supporting the neck.

Three-dimensional cooling gel technology

Owing to a three-dimensional gel layer, Medigel pillows create a cooling effect on the head and neck, balancing out the body temperature and preventing sweating. Memory Visco supports the head and neck, helping you get a more restful and pain-free sleep with less movement.