Innovative and comfortable products with a focus on sleep health brought to you from our world-class production facility

High-quality sleeping products 

Health and comfort are a must for sleeping products. Offering a variety of filling materials, fabrics, collections, and techniques, our product range is the number one choice for those who do not compromise on comfort and durability. 

Efficiency and innovation in production 

We continuously improve our custom-designed, 52.000 m2 production facility in a way that allows us to rapidly bring our collections and your orders to life taking strength from a culture of continuous innovation. We manufacture with speed, without compromising on quality.  

Expert opinion 

As a pioneer of its field in Turkey, we are here to support you with complementary services. We are ready to work with you providing guidance on exclusive collections, certified products, state-of-the-art production lines, and in our areas of expertise, namely goose down and feather raw materials, filling technologies, and creating pillow menus.    

Team of professionals 

Field expert teams strive to guide the sleeping products industry through consulting, production, and after-sales support.


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