Meet our new certification: Global Recycled Standard (GRS)

As a result of the audits of IDFL, a reliable and accredited certification body for textile standards, Maya Tekstil Akyazı Factory was granted the GRS Certificate within the scope of the Global Recycled Standard.

With this certificate, which covers goose down and bird down mix, storage, manufacturing, filling, goose down and bird down processing processes in the home textile and filling categories, our work carried out within the framework of our sustainability and responsible production principle has been certified.

Our primary goal is to make quality sleep accessible without compromising on sustainability, with special produced items for prestigious brands in Turkey and the world, sleeping sets for different sectors including tourism and accommodation, and our retail stores. In line with these principles, we are proud to have been certified by one of the most prestigious organizations in the industry which shows that we fulfill the requirements in the fields of traceability, environmental principles, social requirements, chemical content and labeling with the GRS, which is valid for the entire supply chain, and ensure the accuracy of the content of the recycled materials in the final product.

GRS aims to meet the needs of companies that want to certify responsible social, environmental, and chemical practices in production, verifying recycled material in both final and intermediate products with a minimum of 20% recycled material. GRS defines requirements for minimizing harmful environmental and chemical impacts while ensuring the right material demand and good working conditions. Accordingly, it covers the work of companies in the fields of cotton gin, spinning, weaving and knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing in more than 50 countries.

Although GRS operates under Textile Exchange, its product range is not limited to textiles: It includes all kinds of products containing recycled content materials. Material collection and material concentration processes are not required to be certified to GRS. However, facilities that are not run by individuals are certified as part of the application process and accept random auditing by NSF International as a certification body. GRS also requires certified organizations to comply with the Content Claim Standard (CCS), the standard in chain of audit.

Key elements guaranteed by GRS in 6 items

  • Verification of recycled material

Materials have been verified to meet the ISO definition.

  • Responsible production

GRS facilities are required to meet stringent social and environmental requirements. Chemicals with the potential to cause harm are not allowed to be used in GRS products.

  • Chain of audit

Certification ensures that the identity of the recycled material is maintained at all steps from the recycler to the final product.

  • Trusted certificate

Professional, third-party certification body audits all stages in the supply chain.

  • Reliable communication

Products that meet all requirements can be labelled with the RCS or GRS logo.

  • Stakeholder engagement

RCS and GRS are managed with information, advice and input from recyclers, suppliers, brands and retailers around the World.