Natural filling materials and their properties

What do natural filling materials mean when it comes to sleeping products? What does the Woolmark label represent? Discover the various uses and features of sleeping products made with cotton, bamboo, and wool filling materials in our write up.

A leading manufacturer of fabrics and filling materials of various segments since 1993, Maya’s Professional offers a wide selection of high-quality natural filling materials thanks to its vast experience. With comfortable and healthy fabrics and filling materials offered in its special collections that bear the traces of nature, Maya’s Professional aims to provide a luxurious experience to end users. Healthy and restful sleep is not only about the physical environment, but also the mental comfort of the individual. Maya`s sleep collection, consisting of natural materials such as cotton, bamboo and wool, offers a portfolio that will improve the comfort of end users and the perception of service quality, particularly in the hospitality sector.

Now, let us dive deep into these three natural filling materials.

Cotton: From the past to present, from summer through winter
Cotton is one of the most well-known and preferred, and oldest filling materials in the world. It can soak in the moisture and regulate body temperature. It can be used throughout the year. It is natural, healthy, and breathable and it helps maintain the skin’s moisture balance.

In addition to cotton filling materials, Maya’s Professional offers a wide range of cotton fabrics. Thanks to their down-proof finish, 100% cotton fabrics is material of choice when it comes to down and feather fillings. There are many types to choose from such as plain cotton, organic, cotton-satin, or cotton-bamboo.

Natural cotton filling materials in pillows and duvets help balance out the body temperature, making them available for use in both summer and winter. It can soak up the moisture. It reduces sweating.

Bamboo: Conscious about sustainability and health
Bamboo is a natural and sustainable textile fiber. In addition to other characteristics, it soaks up moisture rapidly and dries very fast. Bamboo absorbs 3 times more water than cotton and dries 4 times faster. It can be used in spring and summer months and gives a cooling sensation. It helps the body to breathe and supports healthy sweating.

Bamboo kun in bamboo is a natural antibacterial. Bamboo is washable and maintains its antibacterial property for a long time. It is a great choice for duvets and pillows in the summer months as it soaks up moisture and gives a cooling sensation. As a filling material, bamboo is resistant in terms of volume and weight. On top of all that, it is hard-wearing and durable.

Wool: High insulation, long-lasting use
A breathable filling material, wool offers insulation against both hot and cold climate conditions. It regulates moisture. One big advantage is that it reduces the static energy in the body. It offers a quiet and quality sleep. Wool fillers maintain their volume and weight for a long time and are hard-wearing and durable. As such, wool offers uninterrupted sleep comfort.

Maya’s Professional uses pure wool balls as filling material for the products in its portfolio. This material is made of pure English wool.

Maya’s Professional’s Woolmark® certified products meet strict quality and performance standards. Only the top-quality wool can bear the Woolmark brand. The Woolmark® brand is one of the most recognized textile symbols in the world. The Woolmark® brand offers consumers guaranteed fiber content and quality assurance supported by technical specifications and rigorous independent testing.