International standard on the goose down,
ball fiber, and foam bead mixture

Goose down
Goose feather

Natural cotton

Woolmark wool


Thermolite® 95°C
Thermolite® Clean

Capacity to process 3600 kg filling material a day 

In our facility, which is one of the most modern and advanced cushion filler preparation and filling facilities in Europe, we have the capacity to make 3600 kg of filling material per day for furniture items only.

Optimized high-quality filling material

For the special filling material mixture, goose down, ball fiber, and foam bead are weighed, mixed and made ready for filling with detailed and precise programming. Thanks to a closed and automated production system, the obtained mixture is precise and error-free.

Choosing raw materials 

We strive to offer the therapeutical feeling of what is pure and real.

Refer to our expert team when creating a pillow, duvet, mattress topper, and mattress protector portfolio for your business.

They are at your service to answer any questions you may have about product recipes, selection of raw materials, different types of fabrics and filling materials, and design options.

With an exclusive collection designed to your liking to cater to your needs, we offer natural, synthetic, and licensed filling materials to be used alone or in a mixture.


Custom design cushion production and filling

With a high-speed and high-quality cushion filling capacity, we remain a strong solution partner to the furniture industry.

Made-to-measure back and inner cushion and cushion cover production. Fast and high-quality solutions without a minimum order quantity. Filling materials used alone or as a mixture for inner cushions.