Turkey’s first producer of goose down
sleeping products since 2007

Goose down feather processing since 2007

As Turkey’s first producer of goose down sleeping products, we add strength to our leadership in this area with a culture of constant innovation.

Maya Tekstil, the roof brand of Maya’s Professional, started its journey in 2007 establishing a Goose Down and Feather Processing Plant, the first one in Turkey and one of few in the world, at European standards.

At our leading facility in this field, where we set out for more natural and healthier sleep, down and feather washing, drying, and sorting are carried out meticulously by field experts using the most advanced technology.

Goose down and feather processing in 6steps  

  • Raw goose down and feathers imported from Europe are cleaned of dust.
  • It is washed at 30° to 40°C using a shampoo specifically made for goose down and feathers.
  • It is dried at 70° to 90°C to ensure sanitation.
  • Dust is suctioned once again for final disinfection.
  • Down and feathers are separated.
  • Quality checks are performed followed by packaging and shipment.

Animal rights-conscious production 

As the only Turkish company with membership to EDFA and IDFB, we have our finger on the pulse of the global goose-down market and to supply down with a respect for animal rights.

As an EDFA and IDFB member, we are contractually bound and committed to certain welfare practices for supplied down. As a member of EDFA, we also signed a code of conduct in 2010 to certify and track where our down supply comes from. Pursuant to this code of conduct, EDFA members never purchase down and feathers obtained by live- plucking in a painful and torturous manner.