Revolutionizing Furniture: The Crucial Role of Premium Filling Materials!

We’re here as a key ally for the furniture industry through our top-notch seat cushion filling production. Not only do we bring our expertise to the table with our skilled staff, specializing in selecting and providing the perfect fabric for production, but we’ve also outlined our comprehensive services, sector-specific needs, and information about our capacity.

At our expansive 52,000 m2 facility, all under one roof, we craft custom-sized back cushions, seat cushions, and throw pillows for sofa manufacturers. Our fully automated system, meticulously programmed for precise dosing, mixing, and readying the filling mixture, operates seamlessly.

Boasting a daily capacity of 3,600 kg for filling material preparation, we deliver international standard quality in the realm of furniture filling. With an annual feather processing capacity of 800 tons and a dedicated team of 220 skilled professionals, we proudly manufacture for industry leaders shaping the landscape of the Turkish furniture industry.

Luxurious Furniture Comfort with Premium Goose Down Filling

The demand for premium quality in home textiles is on the rise every day. To cater to the growing need for goose feathers, we’re ramping up our annual capacity for feather washing and separation through strategic machinery investments. Our state-of-the-art goose feather washing facility boasts an impressive annual capacity of 800 tons. Imported in raw form from Europe, the feathers undergo meticulous cleaning and separation by our expert teams.

Fast and quality solution with no minimum order quantity

We provide a variety of filling materials, including goose down, bead fiber, and crumb sponge, either separately or in custom blends.

Our order process kicks off with sample approval – within one week, we craft and present samples to customers for approval based on witness samples or specified dimensions and specifications. Given the unique nature of our production, a sample approval process is integral to our pricing offers.

Once approved, order production gets underway, with products assigned code names for easy tracking across subsequent orders, ensuring a swift and efficient process.

Production begins promptly upon order confirmation, and our turnaround times are quick, typically around 10 working days to meet customer demands. Shipments are facilitated through cargo or warehouse companies, reaching all provinces in Turkey. Delivery times range from 1-3 working days depending on the distance.International standard for filling materials

Although there is no limitation on the filling materials to be used, goose down, 7 denier, 32 mm. HCS bead fiber and high density crumb sponge defined as “sugar crumb sponge” or mixtures of these in different ratios are used extensively in the furniture industry.

In addition, in some models, we use different types of ready-made wadding, latex or viscoelastic parts.

Goose down, bead fiber and sponge pieces are mixed in certain proportions with a specially designed blender and mixer machine. Thanks to a highly detailed and precise programming, the filling materials are automatically dosed and the mixing process is done to make the mixture ready for filling. Thanks to this fully closed and automatic system, precise proportions and error-free mixing are achieved.

Our factory is one of the most modern and advanced cushion filling material preparation and filling facilities in Europe. We can prepare 3600 kg of furniture filling material per day for the furniture group.

Precise filling, perfect results

Filling units with programmable weighing mechanisms are used in filling processes. The filling speed, which is adjusted according to the type of cushion being filled, allows the cushion to be filled homogeneously, and the weighing time, which is adjusted according to the type of material used, allows the cushion to be filled at an error-free weight. Although it is a fully automated and closed system and the probability of error is as low as 2%, all cushions that have completed the filling process are individually weighed.

Cushion types responding to high quality needs

We produce different types of cushions and throw pillows. We prepare the cushions in desired specifications according to the desired size, filling and mold information.

We can produce all types of cushions such as special size façade or flat sewing. In back cushions, we can usually fill in the middle with and without façade, that is, in rooms.

In session cushions, we can produce sessions in the form of sponge pads on the top and bottom, as well as sandwich type cushion filling with sponge in the middle with filling on the bottom and top. We can produce all types of cushions in desired sizes.

A range of fabrics that guarantee comfort and durability

We use especially cotton-polyester blend, lint-proof and high-strength fabrics as covers for sofa cushions. As for the fabrics used in the filling of throw pillows, we choose the most ideal fabrics according to the type of production.

After special finishing processes, we use imported lining with lint-proof finish, sewn with special fabric in Italian standards, which has received positive marks from the tough friction and strength tests.