Safeguarding animal rights in down filling


The comfort provided by high-quality goose down in a variety of products, from textiles to sleep, is a well-known fact. But is the down supplied? In this article, we compile the ethical principles followed and the organizations that Maya’s Professional is a member of to maintain a supply chain respecting animal rights and sustainability.

We strictly comply with EDFA’s (European Down and Feather Association) animal rights-related mission and values and actively support efforts in this field. Since its foundation, the association has supported the winning of down and feathers in accordance with the animal protection laws of the EU. The applicable legal regulations for animal husbandry and feather winning within the EU are automatically part of a codex to which all members are committed. In this context, only properly obtained down and feathers are supplied, and live plucking and all other improper forms of feather winning from living animals are condemned. The origins of down and feathers are traced by a documentation system.

EFDA is lobbying internationally with authorities and commissions for the creation of a pan-European regulation concerning the gentle winning of down and feathers and the high quality of the products filled with them.

An ethical approach guaranteed by certification

Goose down is an animal-origin product. The ethical approach towards living animals is checked in terms of compliance with ethical standards through efforts carried out around the world. Whether a product is ethically-sourced can be checked by looking at RDS, GRS, and Down Pass certificates. RDS and Down Pass certifications, which are related to animal welfare, oversee the implementation of certain principles. The first condition is to document that down and feathers are not obtained from live animals. It is overseen that the animals are reared without cages where they have access to fresh water and quality feed. Geese are reared for the food industry, not for their down and feather, which are then supplied to the filling materials industry as a byproduct. It is of critical importance that animals are treated extremely well and all steps are transparent and traceable.

Goose down and feathers are natural, sustainable, hygienic, fully sterilized, and have an environmental impact of 95% less than polyester fiber. However, these conditions can only be ensured by maintaining a production that safeguards human rights, which is the paramount step.

As the only member of EDFA and the International Feather Bureau (IDFB) in Turkey and with our respect for animal rights and awareness of social responsibility, we supply down and feathers only from animals reared for their meat in breeding farms and produce in accordance with the principles of the organizations we are a member of and our certifications. With products made in line with goose-down norms that are in place to protect consumers and their rights, consumers know the standards of the product they buy and be assured to use these products.