The most frequently asked questions about EDFA

Here are some of your most burning questions on EDFA, to which Maya`s Professional is the sole member from Turkey: What is EDFA? What are the membership conditions? What does EDFA membership cover in terms of service and product quality? What are its mission and values? Read on for answers!

Maya’s Professional is the only member from Turkey of the European Down and Feather Association, abbreviated as EDFA, and is also a board member. We work in accordance with EDFA’s regulations and sustainability principles, bearing in mind our shared responsibility and respect for animal rights and social issues. The goose down that we supply comes only from animals that are raised for their meat in breeding farms.

There are many things to consider when choosing down products. EDFA members must follow the European Union standards that regulate sampling, testing, labeling, and content information.

As the European Down and Feather Association’s (EDFA) only member from Turkey, we offer our customers the highest quality products that are produced in line with the EN 12934 standards.

EDFA membership
Ethical and healthy down and feather production in line with regulations

Ever since its establishment in 1980, EDFA has been working on standards and improvements with nearly 100 European bedding and sleep products companies, manufacturers of ready-made products filled or processed from down and feather, and a wide network of suppliers spanning from machinery to the chemical and testing industry. Together with its members, the Association, introduces many events and regulations that support the acquisition of down and feathers in line with EU animal protection laws.

EDFA strives for properly-obtained down and feathers to be released to markets and condemns live plucking and all other improper forms of feather winning from living animals. It is working at the international level with relevant authorities and commissions for the documentation of the origins of down and feathers and the operation of a single Europe-wide regulation for the high quality of products filled with these materials.

EDFA supports its members in the fields of standardization, scientific research and counseling, political, and economic. Goose and feather producers, sleep products companies, down-proof fabric manufacturers, companies from the chemical industry, and test laboratories can apply for EDFA membership.

Labeling standards for down products

This standard, called EN 12934, is based on the figures to be put on the label according to the composition of down and its classification according to its cleanliness. Accordingly, a product sold with a label indicating that it contains 90% down must contain at least 81% pure down, after damaged feathers and scraps have been separated.

Class I

This class contains many other elements such as nestling down and scraps in addition to feather and down. According to the EN 12934 standards, the down is classified as Class I only if the ratio of these elements is less than 5%.

Testing standards

The ready-to-use down and feather must have gone through EN 1162 oxygen number, EN 1163 fat content, EN 1164 turbidity, EN 1884 microbiological condition, EN 12130 filling power and EN 12935 hygiene and cleanliness tests.

All the down and feather used by our company is supplied after having gone through these tests and then included into our production line. Under no circumstances does Maya’s Professional use in its products live plucked down and feather, inflicting pain and torture. The supplied down and feather are the by-products of goose breeding farms that serve the food industry.

The importance of the abovementioned rules and testing standards

These norms are in place to protect customers and their rights. Consumers using a product produced in accordance with the norms know under which standards the product was produced and can use the product feeling assured.

The European Down and Feather Association’s (EDFA) sole member from Turkey, Maya Tekstil produces in strict compliance with these standards.

We have a say in the standards regulating down production in Turkey and Europe and we lead the industry.