Tips for impeccable cleaning in hotel rooms

One of the greatest comforts a hotel offers is the assurance of a clean and tidy environment. At this point, guest needs are responded to by fulfilling special requests where applicable. Here, as in all sectors, continuous improvement of services and products as well as being in sync with the vibe is a basic reflex. We hereby share a few tips for upping the game in hospitality housekeeping and cleanliness.

Most at hand: Switches, sockets, floor lamps

Undoubtedly, the places where everyone touches the most are sockets, lampshades or electrical switches. The best cleaning method to get a clean effect like new by removing the fingerprints that will settle here over time is to wipe these with a rubber eraser. For dirty sockets, unplug the power supply, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with a small amount of detergent. To clean a fabric sunshade, blind or visor with folds, use a soft toothbrush to avoid damaging the parts. You can use detergent to clean the lamp cover made of acrylic; remember to rinse and dry the detergent afterwards. You can wipe bulbs with salt water.

Delightful stainers: Tea and coffee sets

Today, tea and coffee sets, which are a usual fixture in most hotel rooms, can sometimes look a bit old and tired. Get rid of deposits, wash in the sink with detergent, and once clean soak in a 1:25 diluted disinfecting solution for 30 minutes for final disinfection.

Living items that need to be treated kindly: Wooden furniture

First, dust the furniture with a soft cloth or a soft dusting brush. Choose a wood cleaner that is suitable for the material type as not every type of wood will tolerate all types of chemicals. If you have used liquid cleaners, dry the surface with a soft and damp cloth; do not skip drying, as damp surfaces can cause swelling.

Tips for wet surfaces

Pour boiling water, vinegar and dish soap into a bowl and mix well. Dip the cloth into the mixture. Squeeze semi-dry. Let the mixture stay on the walls and ceramic tiles for a while, start wiping the wall, then wipe it gently. Even walls that are difficult to clean can be cleaned quickly with this method.

Traditional methods for sparkling windows

Washing powder or detergent, spread on a piece of newspaper, and left to dry on the windowpane to be wiped off when dry is a golden recipe that continues to work wonders, but it might surely be a difficult method to employ in large-scale facilities like hotels. So here is another idea: Remove all dust on or around the edges of the window, as well as the moldings. Wipe the inside of the windows with a damp cloth and the outside with a brush dipped in warm water to get rid of dust. Afterwards, wipe the windows with a glass cleaner or a shampoo-type product and complete with the drying process. Going over it for the last time with a paper bag will help the pane shine!

Golden rules of carpet cleaning

Any stains detected on the carpet should be removed immediately and taken to the cleaning floor for treatment. First step is vacuuming the carpets. The most common carpet cleaning method is wiping with boiled soapy water. Salt, on the other hand, absorbs dust and makes the carpet shiny. When wiping the carpets, take care to not soak them completely and to not wear them out; micro-fiber cloths that do not retain much moisture are ideal for this. Choose models with soft bristles to prevent wear when cleaning with a brush.