We are awarded the Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) certificate with our responsible production principle

As a result of the positive outcome of the inspections carried out by IDFL, our Maya Tekstil Factory was entitled to receive RCS and RDS certificates. In this article, we’ll take a look at the details of the RCS Standard.

RCS Standard is an international certificate that aims to support efforts to increase the use of recycled materials in manufacturing. It validates recycled materials used in products and enforces various levels of control on the use. It also acts as a certification body that awards responsible producers and carries out awareness efforts for all stakeholders from brands to end consumers to help them make informed decisions.

RCS monitors the entire process, providing certification for every stage in production, from recycling to production at the end business and to the final vendor. In this context, RCS, which uses a chain of custody standards to monitor recycled raw materials throughout the supply chain, was developed through collaboration of Textile Exchange and the Material Traceability Working Group under the Sustainability Working Group of the Outdoor Industry Association.

We have been certified in the fields of goose and bird down separation, washing, storage, production, drying and processing under the filling category evidencing that our manufacturing fully conforms to the standards as stipulated by RCS.


Objectives of RCS in 4 points

  • Inclusion of recycled materials in multiple applications.
  • Tracking and monitoring recycled input materials.
  • Supporting informed decision-making mechanisms from brands to end consumers.
  • Providing assurance that materials are indeed recycled and included in the final product.

The RCS Standard, which monitors products containing at least 5% recycled material, compiles studies for businesses’ statement, certification and site visits regarding material collection and material concentration sites.

Designed to enhance the use of recycled materials, the RCS Standard increases transparency and assurance for recycled textile materials and promotes sustainability in the industry.

Maya’s Professional continues its operations without compromising sustainability with its world-class production line.