What does Nomite label tell us?

Nomite certified products are suitable for use by consumers with dust allergies and sensitivities. So, what is a mite and what does a Nomite certificate tell us? Which products in Maya’s Professional product range are covered by Nomite assurance? You may find the answers in this article.

The reaction of antibodies in our body to substances that may be harmless to others is what we call an allergy. Many substances such as dust, foods, pollen, mites and animal hairs can cause allergies and these reactions can be seen in all age groups and in different age cohorts or geographical allocations. One of the most common types of allergies is the invisible dust mite. Dust mites found in items such as carpets, curtains, beds, sleeping products, sofas or stuffed toys, may trigger an allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma.

Nomite labeled products, on the other hand, alleviate the allergenic impact to children and adults who might be sensitive to house dust. Products filled with bird and goose down offer excellent thermal conditions with features such as fast warming and low humidity while sleeping. This environment is not a suitable habitat for house dust mites that thrive on high humidity media. The tight weave of bird and goose down and down-proof fabrics provides additional protection by acting as a barrier to prevent passage of mites. With bird and goose down sleep products, the moisture absorbed from the body is constantly dissipated, and the remaining moisture can be quickly petered out by daily airing of the bedding.

Ensure reliability with tested quality manufacturing

Dust mites are often found in mattresses. With shed skin scales, the mites easily penetrate the open-pore fabric of the mattresses. Thus, the mite allergen is dispersed inadvertently with every movement of the sleeping person. People who are allergic to dust mites should use a mite-proof cover for the mattress. The down-proof fabric used in bird and goose down mattresses acts as an important second barrier.

It is important to pay attention to the tested quality of sleep products. For Nomite labeled products, high quality down-proof fabrics and bird and goose down filling materials complying with stringent quality standards are used. The tested products go through a series of controls in the production and cleaning processes.

Nomite, the trademark of EDFA, which registers the production of home textile products in European standards, marks the hygienic properties of products in question. Manufacturers using the Nomite certificate are deemed to have accepted compliance to the criteria of the German Norm Institute over PAS 1008.

Proprietary barrier against dust and mites with Maya’s Professional

Nomite certified down-proof finished 100% cotton pillow topper protects consumers against mites and dust, while prolonging the life of pillow. The pillow topper, which provides extra protection and extends the life of the pillows, has zip and piping. It is suitable for all types of pillows. The Nomite certificate in Maya’s Pro products indicates that the product is mite-free. The document certifies that there is no material such as skin or pieces of feather in the down and that EDFA (European Down and Feather Association) standards are fully met.