What is a mattress pad and how is it used?

Mattress pads are among the most indispensable sleep products for many reasons: The breathing structure, the extra hygiene that comes with the ease of cleaning and extending life of the mattress are some of the first that come to mind. Explore our highlights about mattress pads that provide extra ability to create a harder or softer feel, and the products that Maya’s Professional world offers in this segment.

The feel of the mattress is further enhanced by the additional layer of choice provided with mattress pads. If you want the mattress to be warmer, cooler, firmer or softer, you can choose a mattress pad that meets your sleeping needs. The added layer also helps protect the mattresses against stains and deformation. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or a hotel; mattress pads are a critical sleep product that plays a primary role in enhancing the comfort and life of the mattress.

It is ideal to replace the mattress pads every three to five years to get the most out of them. Mattress pads lose their shape and support over time, you can extend the life of the mattress by replacing the pads that take the pressure off the mattress. Overall, wear is relieved while life of the mattress is extended with the mattress pads that sit on the mattress and reduce the pressure on the springs. If you remember to turn down the mattress regularly and provide the necessary support with the mattress pad, it will help tremendously in extending the life of the mattress.

Maya’s Professional serves different sectors with a variety of mattress pads developed according to different needs with its experience in the production of sleep products.

Our raw material selection

You can work with our sales consultants for your business`s special sleeping pad and mattress pad portfolio, or you can create the product recipe yourself by seeing the raw material alternatives.

Do not make your decision before reviewing Maya’s Professional Down Line series goose down filled mattress pads and pads.

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Sleeping pads for different needs

Waterproof sleeping pad

Fiber-filled, quilted sleeping pad wraps the mattress completely with skirted and elasticated models, keeps the mattress tight and is easy to use. It extends the life of the mattress by protecting it. It protects the mattress and brings it to a different level of comfort with its fluffy filling and liquid-proof feature. It is washable and dries easily.

Quilted mattress pad

Fiber-filled, quilted sleeping pad protects the mattress and prolongs its life with its skirted and elasticated models. It increases the comfort level of the mattress thanks to its fluffy filling.

Waterproof bead fiber filled mattress pad

The soft and high sleeping pad maintains its form and softness for a long time due to the springing effect of the bead fiber. It eliminates discomfort in the joints, especially in bed joints. It is washable and available in all desired sizes.

Piumino 15 mattress pad

Piumino 15 goose down sleeping pad provides the same comfort for many years without causing collapse. In addition, it provides a dry and comfortable sleeping environment by providing heat and moisture balance thanks to the goose down used. It can be produced in all desired sizes. It can be washed in settings with a dryer.

Licensed sleeping pads

The Nomite label is a verification that warrants dust mite free features in pillows, duvets and sleeping pads with goose down filling material. Nomite, the trademark of EDFA, which registers the production of home textile products in European standards, shows that the products have hygienic properties. Producers using the Nomite certificate are deemed to have conform to the criteria of the German Norm Institute over PAS 1008.