What is ISPA, and why are we a member of ISPA?

The International Sleep Products Association (ISPA) has been driving innovation and growth in the sleep products industry for a century. As an ISPA member, Maya’s Professional closely follows the principles, latest research, training and many other topics in the field of sleep products. The most valuable contribution of ISPA membership is the opportunity to monitor sleep product regulations first-hand.

Get to know ISPA better with this article and examine the advantages of being an ISPA member.

What is ISPA?

ISPA, which has left behind a century since its establishment, supports innovation and growth in the sleep products industry. It aims to serve its members in many different areas such as research, public relations, and education. With a wide spectrum of publications ranging from magazines to online options, ISPA helps connect sleep industry professionals with each other and offers opportunities to develop the marketing muscles of actors in the industry.

ISPA’s activities

  • Data and information

Provides insights to move the industry forward.

  • Consumer focus

Improves industry responsiveness by uncovering knowledge and insights into consumer trends and needs.

  • Legal assistance

Conducts proactive studies for legislation and regulations affecting the sector.

  • Inclusive behavior

It aims to be a hub of collaboration to empower interaction.

  • Organizational robustness

ISPA is committed to providing resources, industry support, and management resources to meet all these objectives.

The benefits of ISPA membership

ISPA members have the opportunity to follow the latest developments in many areas. These include research, statistics, industry events, and more. Serving as The Voice of the Mattress Industry® since 1915, ISPA provides industry representation and access to industry resources and information. Insights ranging from consumers’ average mattress life expectancy to their perception of comfort or buying experience are obtained. ISPA Industry Conference, where the industry comes together every year, contributes to information sharing and growth; provides the opportunity to follow the latest trends.

Staying up to date in the sleep industry with ISPA publications

Following the trends is the first rule to steer the industry. At this point, ISPA publications offer many resources for those who want to keep their finger on the pulse of the sleep industry.

On the shelves since 1917, BedTimes magazine has been a pioneering publication in its field and today is the only news magazine focused on the sleep products industry. Followed by sleep product professionals with its print magazine, website, and weekly newsletter, you can visit the magazine’s web page here.

Launched by ISPA’s Better Sleep Council in 2002, SleepSavvy is a publication that reaches 24,000 mattress retailers. Aiming to empower retailers from boutique sleep stores to major sleep product chains in the US and Canada, SleepSavvy stands out with its strong content. Click here to visit the magazine’s web page.

ISPA provides its supplier members with the most up-to-date listings in the Supplies Guide, available free of charge in print and online. The guide, which aims to provide more information on products and services, is distributed annually in the December issue of BedTimes magazine for those looking for cost-effective opportunities.