What is THERMOLITE® 95°C technology?

In this article, we will be exploring Thermolite® technology, which is a synthetic and hygienic filling insulation and highlight the advantages of Thermolite® 95°C in terms of usage and hygiene.

Innovative approaches in the field of weaving and textiles not only increase the comfort of the end user, but also help to produce much healthier products atlow cost from production to maintenance on an institutional scale. In this context, Thermolite technology is a most significant innovative development for the textile industry. As the only company in Turkey that produces with a Thermolite license, we managed to create an experience similar to the softness provided by goose down and make it available in different areas from home textiles to outerwear at a much lower cost and to offer superior insulation properties with Thermolite technology.

As per test results for germ and dust mite growth undertaken by independent laboratories named French TEC and ALMAK ISEGA, Thermolite® Clean prohibits mite formation.

Yastık ve yorganlarda Thermolite® 95°C’nin sunduğu avantajlar:

Advantages of Thermolite® 95°C in pillows and duvets

Full support for a healthy sleep

Thermolite-licensed fiber beads used inThermolite 95°C pillows consistently support the head and neck by changing their place in harmony with the movements during sleep. It is a light, warm and comfortable sleep product.

Structure that maintains its form for extended periods

Thermolite-licensed first-class HCS virgin perforated, and siliconized fiber is used in the Thermolite 95°C duvet. With its perforated structure, it provides air permeability and lightness, while the silicone coating ensures that the fibers do not stick together and maintain their fluffiness. It maintains shape without any clumping.

Easy and superior cleaning with washing at 95°C

Thermolite® 95°C pillows and duvets are washable at 95°C; they are extremely hygienic with high temperature washing; thereby they maintain their softness and shape.

They can be laundered in the washing machine and dry easily. They can also be tumble-dried in the dryer.

Thermolite 95°C for an anti-allergic and hygienic sleep setting

Dust mites, fungi and bacteria cannot survive in pillows and duvets when washed at 95°C. The filler is 100% Thermolite® certified fiber and is odorless.