What you need to know when choosing a goose down product?

Many points should be taken into consideration when choosing a goose down product. Hygiene tests, allergic protection against house dust and mites, sustainability principles… All these ensure quality production conditions, and you will have long-lasting products with a reliable purchasing experience. Read this article and find out the factors you should pay attention to when making your choice and explore the standards in the field of goose down.

For the quality assurance of goose down products, the standards regulating sampling, testing, labeling, and content information determined by the relevant institutions of the European Union should be followed. Maya’s Professional is the only member from Turkey of the European Down and Feather Association, abbreviated as EDFA, and is also a board member. Within the framework of regulations and sustainability principles of EDFA, we produce products that respect animal rights and the goose down that we supply comes only from animals that are raised for their meat in breeding farms.

Key elements for the product you will choose

With the standards for labeling goose down products, it is possible to know the type of feather and the degree of purity in the product you buy. For example, with the standard called EN 12934, labeling is made according to the ratio of down, and the feather is classified according to its cleanliness.

Fill power refers to the fluffiness and insulating ability of the down. The higher the fill power, the more air the down can hold, which means it will insulate better and be more comfortable. For high-quality down products, you can look for a fill power of 600 or higher. All the feathers we use at Maya’s Professional are sourced through these tests and they are incorporated into the production line.

Keyword: Sustainability

The first condition for good production in today’s conditions is to fulfill the principles of sustainability and follow standards in this field. RDS, GRS and Down Pass certificates are the most important standards for goose down products.

The Global Recycle Standard (GRS) monitors and verifies the content of recycled materials in the final product. Responsible Down Standard (RDS), one of the basic certificates for material reliability, and Down Pass Certification from Europe cover animal welfare; they also monitor the fulfillment of specific principles for certain steps like the procurement process and more.

The environmental impact of goose down production is 95% less than polyester and fiber due to its naturalness, sustainability, low environmental impact, and complete sterilization. The most important point in realizing these conditions is the protection of production conditions that respect animal rights.

Production with innovative technologies for a quality product

Due to its softness and high thermal qualities, goose down is recognized as an ideal choice, especially for mattress filling. Quality raw material selection and meticulous processing are essential for a flexible, breathable, and durable goose down product. Dust removal of the down, the quality of the washing water and shampoos  and the innovation of the production line are significative in product quality.

Select the right product for your needs

Many variables, from room temperature to washing frequency or drying preferences, affect the determination of needs during the purchasing process. When choosing your goose down product, it is important to get help from experts who will understand you and address the right product without getting lost among the wide variety of products.

Choosing the right goose down products makes a big difference to the sleep experience. Consider factors such as filling power, ethical sourcing, and care instructions when making your decision. With these tips, you can have the perfect goose down sleep products for a warm, cozy, durable and allergy-friendly experience.