Wool or Cotton?

Unearth the Timeless Wonders: A comparative exploration of the oldest natural sleep product fillings in this article.  

At Maya’s Professionals, within our advanced 52m2 production facility, we exclusively utilize two highly favored filling materials—cotton and Woolmark® certified wool—beneath a single mat. In this piece, we delve into the intricacies of these indispensable materials within our natural filling segment, exploring both their shared traits and distinctive qualities.


  • In the realm of pillow menus, natural fillings reign supreme, with cotton and wool emerging as top contenders among the most sought-after options.
  • Both product groups should be cleaned strictly according to the washing recommendations.
  • Products in both groups should not be ironed and bleaching agents should never be used.
  • Both wool and cotton boast exceptional breathability, facilitating optimal air circulation and effective moisture absorption. This not only aids in temperature regulation but also guarantees a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Wool and cotton come with natural hypoallergenic properties, rendering them ideal for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. Their inherent resistance to dust mites and other common allergens further enhances their suitability for those seeking allergen-resistant bedding.
  • Both materials deliver effective insulation. Wool is recognized for its capacity to retain heat, even when damp, while cotton provides a lighter and more breathable insulation.
  • Wool and cotton wick moisture from the body, keeping sleepers dry and comfortable. This is particularly useful for managing perspiration during sleep.
  • Wool and cotton are durable materials and proper care ensures that duvets and pillows made from these fibers maintain their quality and performance over time.
  • Both wool and cotton are natural, renewable resources. They are biodegradable and sustainable; they can also be produced using environmentally friendly practices.


  • Cotton filled products cannot be washed in water; they can be dry cleaned delicately provided that they do not exceed 30 ˚C.
  • While dry cleaning is the primary recommendation for wool-filled products, washing them in water at 30˚C on a delicate cycle is also an option. Following washing, it’s crucial to dry the product in a tumble dryer at a temperature below 60˚C.
  • Cotton-filled products are enhanced by an extensive selection of cotton fabrics in Maya’s Professional catalog. The 100% cotton fabrics featured include plain cotton and organic cotton varieties. Additionally, there are mixed-weave options such as cotton sateen and cotton bamboo.
  • Wool fillings, known for maintaining their volume and fullness over an extended period, exhibit greater durability compared to cotton fillings, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Natural cotton filling in pillows and duvets is more suitable for summer use as it balances body temperature. It has a high moisture absorption feature. Reduces sweating.
  • Functioning as a breathable filling material, wool serves as insulation against both hot and cold weather conditions, effectively regulating humidity. One of its key benefits is its ability to reduce static electricity in the body, promoting a calm and high-quality sleep experience.
  • Maya’s Professional exclusively utilizes pure bead wool in the filling of its product portfolio. All filling wool is sourced from pure British wool, certified by Woolmark®. This certification ensures that Maya’s Professional’s products adhere to stringent quality and performance standards. The Woolmark® brand, reserved for only the finest quality wool, underscores the superior standards maintained by Maya’s Professional.